Robotic Welding

JVC Precision offers robotic welding services for high volume manufacturing of welded metal parts, components and assemblies.

Our robotic welder is equipped with bulk gas feed, bulk wire feed and auto tip cleaning for increased uptime.

Our robotic welding services are fed by our in-house laser cutting and forming processes which allow for increase process control, higher quality, and shorter lead times.

Using in-house weld fixture design and build, we offer fast turnaround on high volume components. The robotic welder is also equipped with a modular fixturing table with 3-Axis Positioning. The part size is up to a 60 inch span and 1100 lb. 

Robotic Welder

JVC Precision specializes in fuel tanks, hydraulic oil tanks, expansion tanks, vehicle cabinets and truck boxes, truck flat decks, mechanics trucks, frames, frame weldments, brackets, engine mounts, enclosures, housings, bumpers, and other parts.

JVC Precision is ISO Certified and certified through CWB for structural welding in steel and aluminum (CSA W47.1 and CSA W47.2). We serve industrial Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the mining, automation, construction, agricultural, forestry, and clean tech sectors.


Our combined services of design and production make us an attractive partner for many businesses.


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