specialty vehicle components

JVC Precision is a supplier of specialty vehicle components and assemblies in stainless steel, aluminum and mild steel. Components include frame weldments, bumpers, fenders, fuel and hydraulic tanks, brackets, engine housings, cab enclosures, exhaust guards, side steps, skid plates, motor mounts, suspension mounts, transmission mounts amongst others. Assemblies include man carrier bodies, ROPS/FOPS canopies, flat decks, mechanics truck bodies, and utility truck bodies. Our capabilities include design engineering, CNC Laser Cutting, CNC Press Brake Forming, Welding, Robotic Welding, Grinding, Finishing and Assembly.  We can provide complete solutions including assembly and finishing.  We have experience in specialty coatings including epoxy paint, powder coating and galvanizing.

Truck Bodies

Serving the mining, defense, and heavy equipment sectors, our truck bodies are built for resilience. Through advanced welding and mechanical assembly processes, we design bodies that can withstand demanding environments. Our expertise in finishes ensures each truck body is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Utility Truck Bodies

Specifically designed for heavy equipment mechanics, our utility truck bodies boast robustness and adaptability. Utilizing welding, mechanical assembly, and specialized finishes, we create bodies tailored for varied utilities, ensuring they perform optimally even in challenging conditions.

Mechanics Truck

For heavy equipment mechanics, our mechanics truck bodies are the epitome of functionality and durability. Harnessing advanced welding techniques and mechanical assembly, we craft truck bodies that cater to the unique requirements of mechanics, ensuring efficiency and longevity in their operations.

Flat Decks

Our flat decks, tailored for the mining industry, are designed for high performance. Combining welding, mechanical assembly, and finishes that resist wear and tear, we offer decks that are both sturdy and adaptable, meeting the rigorous demands of mining operations.

Man Carriers

In the mining sector, our man carriers ensure safe and efficient personnel transport. Crafted through precise welding and mechanical assembly, and enhanced with high tolerance fit and finishes, our carriers are built to ensure comfort, safety, and durability.

Personnel Carriers

Dedicated to the mining domain, our personnel carriers offer a blend of safety and manufacturing efficiency. Through meticulous welding, mechanical assembly, and finishes designed for rough terrains, we ensure carriers that guarantee the safe transit of personnel even in the most challenging environments.


For heavy equipment, mining vehicles and off-highway use, our custom bumpers are designed to meet the requirements of harsh conditions while benefiting from experience in design for manufacturing. We provide bumpers in mild steel, stainless and aluminum and use our advanced fabrication equipment and processes to guarantee quality and on-time delivery.
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