CNC Brake Press Forming

Do you need a sheet metal part formed but are unsure of the design requirements? We will analyze your drawings to ensure the finished part is exactly what you need.

All our forming work orders begin with the creation of a CAD file which produces accurate bend lines on the flat or un-folded part to ensure the final dimensionS after bending are accurate.

Precision isn’t just in our name, it is how we operate. With two AMADA CNC brake presses, we can produce consistent bends throughout an entire production run. Our machines can achieve ram repeatability of +/-0.00004” with a back-gage positioning tolerance of ± .0004” which translates to very accurate bend location and angle tolerance on every part.

Our brake presses have a maximum bend length of 119” and we have capacity up to 143 tons.

We can achieve complex bends with a wide range of tooling and dies to support a variety of material thicknesses, bend radiuses and shapes.  An example is our gooseneck dies which are used to reach difficult locations.

In many cases, laser cut and formed parts can often compete on cost with metal stamping up to volumes of around 10,000 pcs depending on complexity and material, come talk to us about your forming needs.


Our combined services of design and production make us an attractive partner for many businesses.


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