Boxes, enclosures & cabinets

JVC Precision is a supplier of custom boxes, enclosures and containers including battery boxes, electrical enclosures, cabinets and containers in stainless steel, aluminum and mild steel. Our capabilities include design engineering, CNC Laser Cutting, CNC Press Brake Forming, Welding, Robotic Welding, Grinding, Finishing and Assembly. We can provide complete solutions including grounding studs, NEMA rated, DIN Rails, Door latches and hinges, connection ports and mounting brackets. We have experience in specialty coatings including dielectric paints, paint masking, chemical resistant coatings, electrical isolation and insulation.

Boxes: Battery

Our battery boxes, designed for BEV’s, industrial equipment and off-grid storage scenarios, blend aesthetics with functionality. Precision forming, coupled with assembly techniques like specialty coatings, provides a product built for longevity. Our boxes are optimized with grounding studs and precision paint masking to ensure optimal functionality and longevity. Also crafted in aluminum.

Boxes: Custom

Experience precision and durability with our custom boxes. Designed for the industrial equipment, clean tech and electric equipment sectors, our boxes are precision-formed, featuring grounding studs, paint masking, and more. Leveraging our vast expertise in metal fabrication, we deliver products that blend functionality with design excellence.

Boxes: Electrical Control

Our electrical control boxes stand as a testament to our commitment to quality. Serving industries like renewable energy and automation, we offer laser-cut and cnc forming precision, integrated grounding studs, and specialty coatings. With a focus on assembly hinges and latches, we ensure every box is robust and fit for purpose.
Keywords: UN Certified; Hinged Cover; Metal; Steel, Locking.

Enclosures: Custom

Crafted to perfection, our custom enclosures cater to the dynamic needs of renewable energy and industrial equipment sectors. By combining precision laser cutting with advanced forming techniques, we focus on the details such as assembly of hinges, latches, and specialty coatings. Our expertise ensures enclosures that are not only durable but also tailored to specific requirements.
Keywords: Electrical; Metal

Enclosures: Electric

Specializing in electric enclosures, we provide solutions optimized for automation and renewable energy industries. Our precision laser cutting and forming, coupled with our expert assembly of hinges and latches, ensures each enclosure is built for lasting performance. With a focus the details such as grounding studs and specialty coatings, we guarantee product excellence.
Keywords: Electronic, Aluminum; Electronic, Custom; Environment; Equipment; Hardware; Industrial; Instrument; Outdoor; Metal

Enclosures: Sheet Metal

Our sheet metal enclosures are a blend of durability and design precision. Serving sectors like automation and renewable energy, we employ laser cutting, forming, and meticulous assembly processes. Grounding studs, specialty coatings, and perfect hinge and latch integrations ensure that our products stand out in terms of quality and functionality.
Keywords: System; Watertight

Containers: Fabricated

We produce fabricated containers tailored for industries like heavy equipment and defense. With advanced laser cutting, forming, welding and a keen eye for detail, we ensure robust containers that can withstand off-highway demands. Our expertise in metalworking guarantees containers that are both durable and fit for specific requirements.
Keywords: Aluminum, Steel, Metal

Cabinets: Custom

We fabricate custom cabinets for industries like heavy equipment, defense, mining and off-highway vehicles. With advanced laser cutting, forming, welding, we ensure robust designed and manufactured cabinets that can withstand demands of harsh use. With a broad range of experience, we ensure customer needs are exceeded from design to production.
Keywords: Aluminum, Metal, Steel, Stainless Steel, Electronic