Click to ExpandOvercoming Challenges With Fabricated Hydraulic Tanks

Fabricated hydraulic tanks are essential components in heavy equipment for mining, agriculture, forestry, and construction industries. They are mostly utilized in closed-loop systems for storing hydraulic oil. This accumulated liquid is then used to power the pump and drive various systems on the equipment, like cylinders and motors.

Customized hydraulic tanks are preferred over off-the-shelf options in heavy equipment due to specific design constraints. For instance, the design envelope requires tailor-made tanks that fit within limited spaces without hindering other vehicle components. These customized components must also meet oil volume requirements and feature precise fitting and hose connections.

This article will explore the common challenges in manufacturing fabricated hydraulic tanks and how JVC Precision addresses them.

Common Challenges in Hydraulic Tank Fabrication

Fabricated hydraulic tanks are primarily made from metal plates welded together to create a sealed chamber. This chamber features various tank penetrations for components such as outlet manifolds, return lines, level sensors, and filter mounting provisions. However, manufacturing fabricated hydraulic tanks poses challenges, including the following:

The JVC Precision’s Difference

JVC Precision employs the Design Support Service (DSS) process to meticulously review and optimize customer tank designs. This step aims to eliminate potential manufacturing or quality issues in the future. Such a proactive approach ensures that the tank design meets customer specifications and is tailored to be made with maximum efficiency.

Before initiating any full-scale production, our team undertakes the construction of a prototype or First Article unit. The pilot model undergoes a comprehensive inspection to guarantee the design meets the project requirements. This crucial step allows for the early detection of discrepancies or improvements needed before the commencement of large-scale production.

We invest in fixtures and tooling to support advanced processes like robotic welding, facilitating precise fitting and assembly in preparation for production runs. Developing these production procedures further boosts consistency and efficiency throughout the manufacturing process. Furthermore, our engineering and supply chain team collaborates to select the appropriate paint and oversee its preparation and application, ensuring a durable coating.

Here are additional methods we facilitate to overcome hydraulic tank fabrication challenges:

Partner With JVC Precision for Top Quality Custom Fabricated Tanks

At JVC Precision, we offer a comprehensive solution by delivering high-quality hydraulic tanks ready for seamless integration into your equipment! We ensure that each unit is meticulously cleaned, expertly painted, and equipped with all necessary fittings and manifolds pre-installed and pressure tested. We can also install wiring pigtails on level sensors and electro-mechanical components ready to plug into your wiring harness.

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